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【30% OFF】Pet GPS Bluetooth Tracker
【30% OFF】Pet GPS Bluetooth Tracker
【30% OFF】Pet GPS Bluetooth Tracker
【30% OFF】Pet GPS Bluetooth Tracker
【30% OFF】Pet GPS Bluetooth Tracker

【30% OFF】Pet GPS Bluetooth Tracker

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Finding it hard to keep track of your four-legged friends, then the GPS Dog Tracker is for you. With a 4.0 Bluetooth tracker and an inbuilt alarm beyond 75FT, the GPS Dog Tracker can help you find your fur babies whenever they get into mischief.
  • Bestselling & Affordable PET Trackers for Dogs & Cats!
  • 4.0 Bluetooth Tracker
  • Easy Connects to your phone
  • Portable and Easy Installation
1. Valuables to prevent loss. When the mobile phone and anti-lost device beyond the default effective distance, two-way automatic alarm, search master to prevent loss (used in cars, the elderly, children, pets, etc.)
2. Two-way to find things, when the phone or wallet was gone, press the anti-lost twice
Mobile phone alarm, press the phone in the APP call, anti-lost alarm, along the sound point back
3. Remote self-timer, easy to control the phone remote (maximum 10 meters) to take pictures.
4. Positioning tracking, you can view the current location of the object on the phone, but also after the break to find the last stay position
5:Android system with bluetooth 4.0 Smartphone
(Android 4.3 version and up-grade version)
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Compatible Phone: for iPhone4S/5/5S/5C/6/6P/6S/7/7P iPad Mini, iTouch 5, iPad 3/4, iPad Air and Andriod system with Bluetooth
4.0 Smartphone(Andriod 4.3 version and up-grade version)
Working distance: About 75 Feet 
Suitable for: Wallet, Car, Kid, Pets, Bags,Suitcase or other belongings.
Battery : CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery(without battery) as per Shipping rules
Standby time: 6 months
Net Weight: 9g
Available colors: Black/White/Green/Red/Blue
please tell us waht color you want ,if not ,we will send to you randomly.Thank you
Certificates: ROHS
App Name: iTracing (Free of charge)
Connects up to 10 iTag unit
App language: English, Chinese, French, Spanish